Evil Kitty Cat Racers

Hi my name is Alyssa but you can call me Moro or Candy I like drawing, rp'ing, and cats

this is my personal blog it may contain nsfw so beware I may rp sometimes, its okay to ask

ima change my theme constantly this week till i one finally pleases me

|:T i changed my theme again im very frustrated on my archive page tho
its been a long time since it wont display my # of posts a month
idk if its any of my edits doing in the html or this blog is broken lol
i was able to view em b4 

You mean like Myra and Ulyssa and I

sure thang, yes

omg u spelled their names wrong

o shit its 4:58 in the morning. i shuld be asleep but i aint. but i bet itz cuz after 11pm

i had 4 bottles of soda in baby bottles
7 roll up candies
2 caramel apples 
4 mini bby bottles of candy
plus a bacon hotdog and 3 tacos

Anonymous said:
do u get atracted 2 your fwendzz <BD

its not do i get attracted to my friends (⌐■_■) 

its that i am attracted to my friends థ//౪//థ

wat, i no have money u dork

not my fault you poor losar

now get out

gimme a bar of spaghetti u nerd

okay gimme money to buy you some